Tuesday, July 31, 2012

FDA is, well, Confusing

So today I started researching what kind of FDA approvals we would need for some new products that we're currently working on developing. Needless to say the FDA is the same as every other government organization: confusing and hard to navigate. If searching for this information isn't hard enough on the FDA's website it's even more confusing when they throw around all of their crazy acronyms for approvals (i.e. 510(k), CFR, GMP, etc.). Now I'm fully aware that these could all be fairly common acronyms that every adult would know but as an undergraduate student I'm pretty oblivious to the world still.

Anyways, on the business end of things we (NFS and a few other companies) were chosen as the recipient of a $2.4 million grant! Yay for more money for NFS! If you want to check out the grant click here.

Until tomorrow, we out here spinning!

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