Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Chirp, Chirp

For the past few days there has been a cricket that has been loudly chirping... Now we're not exactly sure where this cricket is. It sounds like it is in the walls of the building that we're in but it could also be a pet? of one of the other businesses in the incubator since the walls don't go all the way to the ceiling we can hear everything! Nevertheless, it is extremely annoying and we have to put on music just to stop ourselves from going crazy (not that I mind since I'm a huge music fan).

Also, last Friday my brother had surgery to correct a condition called Pectus Excavatum (indented sternum). Since I'm in Ohio and the rest of my family lives in MN I wasn't able to be there for the surgery and having had the surgery in the past I know how painful it it. So I would like to give a shoutout to Ryan!! Stay strong buddy, it only gets easier from here!

On the business side, we're currently working on a few more distributors around the world and things are looking promising. We also have a few more trachea surgeries scheduled for later this month which is awesome! We're also revamping our entire website and so far it is looking really good!

Until tomorrow, we out here spinning.

P.S. Go Team USA!!

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