Thursday, July 26, 2012

Houston, We Have A Problem

Today my CEO asked if Dave and I would be willing to draft an outline for a business plan for the new market that we are trying to crack into. There's only one problem with that... Neither Dave or myself have even seen a business plan let alone write one!

However, we realized that this would be a great experience and said that we would make an effort toward this project. We Googled templates for business plans and started researching the market that we were creating the plan for. One of the first sources that I found, was exactly what we were looking for. It laid out the past finances and made predictions for the next 5 years! There was only one problem with this report: if you wanted to read it, it would cost you almost $2,000! Yes I counted my zeroes correctly, two thousand dollars. Ridiculous. 

Nevertheless we are still drafting this outline now and hope to have a very rough draft by the end of the day so wish us luck!

Until tomorrow, we out here spinning.

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